Top 5 Websites To Order Pizza Online In India

When you think of a perfect snack, a pizza is probably the first image that comes to your mind. A perfectly baked crispy crust with a layer of cheese and your favourite topping sounds absolutely delicious, isn’t it? If you would like to try out various pizza outlets check out these top 5 websites to order pizza online in India.

Domino’s is the market leader in the pizza market with a 70% share in the pizza home delivery segment in India. The outlet is known for innovations in pizza crusts, toppings and flavours to suit the taste buds of Indian consumers. The store offers 50% discount on pizzas ordered during happy hours from 11 am to 5 pm. Your order is considered free if you do not receive the pizza in 30 minutes and this is applicable only when you order a pizza mania combo of 4. Through Couponzguru you can get 50% off on the second pizza in your order for a limited period.

KFC recently unveiled its own version of pizza called ‘Chizza’. It is a combination of a pizza and KFC’s trademark fried chicken. So when you are confused between ordering fried chicken or a pizza, you can always try the chizza. There are more than 335 KFC outlets in more than 100 cities in India, and ordering online is possible in around 15 cities.

McDonalds in India offers a menu that is customised to suit the Indian palate. Vegetarians will love the Pizza McPuff that has a rectangular crust layered with a tomato based sauce. Carrots, beans, peas, onions, bell pepper and mozzarella cheese make for a delicious topping. The store probably offers the healthiest version of a pizza. When you browse the site you can view the calories for each dish including information on the ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and cholesterol per serving. Using a coupon from Couponzguru, you get a Pizza McPuff free when you order a large meal.

Pizza Hut delivers pizzas across 54 cities in India. Click the offers option on the site to view the list of valid offers that can be availed when you order from this store. The website offers a veg as well as non-veg menu of delicious pizzas for you to choose from. The store has a ’30 minutes or free’ policy for home deliveries. You can also opt for a pre-paid card that comes loaded with cash and coupons. All you need is to present the card at the time of payment. Order a medium pizza and get 50% off on the second medium pizza through a coupon code from Couponzguru.

Papa John’s offers home delivery of the finest pizzas through online orders. The website offers detailed information on the ingredients used in the pizza. You can view outlets by city and also search for the one closest to your location. You can also view the menu offered in different outlets. Get Rs.100 off on a pizza worth Rs.399 or more through a coupon code from Couponzguru.

A pizza is not just a snack, instead it makes for a quick meal that’s better than any other fast food. And what’s more, you get good discounts when you place orders through these websites.

Top Websites To Buy Nivea Products Online In India

Nivea is a brand that has been in the market for over a century. This company offers quality products at reasonable prices. The company people don’t do a lot of marketing and promotions but is still a popular brand and people from different parts of the world demand it. Why? Because their products speak for themselves.

If you have ever bought a Nivea product then you must be satisfied with its performance. On the other hand if you haven’t tried them yet, there’s no better time than now. Though it is a popular brand and almost every retail shop or online store carries it, we have compiled a list of top websites to buy Nivea products online in India for you so you can buy it within a few minutes time and don’t have to check a lot of online stores.

  • Flipkart: Flipkart allows you to choose from 330 Nivea products. You can sort the products on the basis of their popularity and price. You can also filter products on the basis of discounts being offered on each product which varies from 10% and can go up to 40%. 40% discount on a quality product is surely worth trying. Don’t you think?
  • Snapdeal: Snapdeal allows you to buy Nivea products by using various filters like popularity, bestsellers, price, discounts and freshness. Added to that, this website also allows you to buy products based on the customers rating which makes sure that you don’t buy a product that doesn’t meets you needs. You should also check out the festive and usual offers at Snapdeal that will help you save some money. If you are not sure which products to buy first then you should check the featured products section as it’s really cool.
  • Purplle: If you are a first time buyer of any beauty products then this website is a boon for you. Here you can get the option of buying products on the basis of what you want. You can sort the products on the basis of its functionality, its features, its price and its discount. You can also match your particular skin concern with the product features to get rid of any skin issues you have. You are also given the privilege of buying the products on the basis of your skin type which is necessary to get best results from the product.
  • Nykaa: When you visit the Nivea products section on the website, you’ll get to see all the latest Nivea products added on the website. Usually they offer Flat 10% off on Nivea products. You will also see the list of bestsellers. Both these sections are best for those who want to save some time as you won’t have to scroll a lot to get the product you need. Apart from the main sections, you can sort the products on the basis of your gender, skin concern, your skin type, your fragrance preference and your composition preference. You can also sort the products on the basis of its finish, formulation and SPF content.

Top 5 South Indian Food Restaurants In Delhi

Do you simply love the delicious and easily digestible south Indian cuisines? Are you always looking for high quality South Indian restaurants in the national capital? If so, then we are sure this list of top 5 south Indian food restaurants in Delhi will be loved by you.

  1. Zambar: This is one of the few restaurants that have a boat like ambiance. You can totally relax and enjoy great food here. Though a hefty meal for two can cost you as much as Rs. 1500 for two people, you can save some money with websites like NearBuy. They have offers like Desilicious deal for Rs. 299 where you can feast on a vegetarian, non vegetarian or seafood thali and get a rasam shot. This deal will help you save Rs. 301. So look out for such deals before you visit Zambar to get value for money luxury.
  2. Spice and Flavours: This is an affordable restaurant that has a lot of variety. Apart from original south Indian cuisine, you can also enjoy North Indian, Punjabi, Fast Food and Chinese cuisines here. The ambience and service of this restaurant is most preferred by students as the portion size is quite big. If you wish for delivery from this restaurant then you must visit Foodpanda as they offer the entire menu offerings of the restaurant and allow you to pre-order too. The minimum order amount is also rightly placed at Rs. 100 only. You can expect a freshly prepared south Indian meal at your doorstep within 45 minutes.
  3. Naivedyam: The first thing you will notice when you enter this restaurant is that the staff of this restaurant dresses in completely south Indian style. The Thalis offered by this restaurant is a must try as it has a lot of variety and every dish is delicious. They also use coconut in each of their food offerings which will be appreciated by true south Indian food lovers. You can enjoy a good meal for 2 under Rs. 500 here.
  4. Sagar Ratna: The probability is high that every person who lives in Delhi might have tried this restaurant at least once. The best thing about this restaurant is that it has many branches and the food tastes the same in all of them. People who like to visit restaurants that offer the same quality would certainly like Sagar Ratna. You should use Swiggy if you are planning to order food from Sagar Ratna as they offer recommendations for first time buyers and the full menu is available there. The price of the offerings begins with just Rs. 95 for an Idli that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  5. Udipi Café: If you are looking for delicious south Indian snacks and an innovative menu then you can’t do better than Udipi Café. Here you will love combinations like chow chow bath, which is a combination of upma and kesari bath. This place is also loved by kids. This is also the best option for south Indians looking for authentic food provided in a simple ambiance which is not a bit fancy or exotic.

All these restaurant offer amazing deals to save money but somehow we tend to lose them due to lack of awareness. At CouponzGuru, you can find one dedicated page for Restaurant offers where generally all the discount coupons and deals are listed. You can just pick deals from this and avail them in few taps.

Top 5 Websites To Buy Bath & Body Products Online In Singapore

Pampering your skin is prior for every human. After a laborious long day, to take a soothing bubble bath in the bath tub can actually have therapeutic effect. Whatever you put on your skin is just like the food you consume. As you get sick on eating wrong stuff, same way, your skin suffers on applying something harsh. Bath and Body product manufacturing industry has also blossomed tremendously in short span.

People have become more careful about picking up a brand for safe and healthy usage. There are many brands in Bath & Body products that are ruling the market. People choose the products considering their likeliness for the brand and certain other measures. Before taking a step ahead, I would like to educate you about the tips that can help you in buying right product.

Tips To Buy Best Bath & Body Products

It is important for every individual with complex and sensitive skin to understand their skin type. In the same course of action, you need to note if you have any skin allergies with the usage of some specific ingredient. Well, here I list some basic tips to buy ideal Bath & Body product for you:

  • You need to read the list of ingredients that are used in manufacturing the product. Also you need to go through this section in order to protect yourself from any endangered chemical use that can cause ill-effects on your skin.
  • Always check the expiry date of the product before buying it. The expired products can be detrimental for the skin.
  • It is essential to rely on the companies that are truly committed to healthy products. Although all companies happen to assure security of user but some companies have reliable brand value. You can always turn toward such companies.
  • Some products have redundant usage of chemicals; you just need to avoid buying such kind of stuff.

Websites To Buy Bath & Body Products

Let’s check out best websites to buy Bath & Body products online in Singapore:

  1. Sephora: Sephora has main three section of offering in the category of Bath & Body. These sections are Best Selling, New Arrival and Back in Stock. You can discover 800+ products listed in this section from some of the top-notch brands in Singapore market.
  2. Zalora: Zalora users appreciate the creditability of this website and its urge to cater best products to the community. It is a highly reliable brand with perfect assortment of Bath & Body products.
  3. The Body Shop: Among the most famed brands in Bath & Body, you can definitely discover The Body Shop. It is a highly recommended brand for people of all skin types. You can shop its products online in Singapore.
  4. Sephora: Sephora is also offering most exclusive Bath & Body products in Singapore. You can the products divided in sections such as Lotion and cream, bath and shower, sun and other needs.
  5. Lazada: Lazada has categories thousands of products under each category of Bath & Body section. For most exclusive product range, you can also refer this website in Singapore.

Top 5 Websites To Book Flight Tickets From Mumbai To Singapore

Singapore is Asia’s most famed holiday spot that is preferred by globe trotters in the world. Every single person that likes to visit to different places in world will surely come to Singapore. It is an amazing and alluring land that captures attention of every individual. The trend is especially much followed in India. That is why airlines and air booking companies enjoy lots of profit from Indians for booking their tickets to Singapore.

Mumbai is the central place from where many people prefer boarding their flights. Especially people that live nearby Mumbai prefer to board flight from Mumbai airport only. In such a case, it is imperative to understand about the options that you have from where you can book tickets of flights. There are various sites offering their wonderful service. I have listed some of the top sites from where you can book flight tickets from Mumbai to Singapore online:

  • Expedia: Expedia is not only into air ticket booking. Every travel related service is available at Expedia. For booking tickets from Mumbai to Singapore, all you have to do is to visit the site and fill the form. There is a form displayed at Home page of Expedia where you got to fill the boarding point and departure. Also mention the dates of bookings. This will bring you list of flights and you can book according to your convenience.
  • AirAsia: AirAsia houses all the international flights from Mumbai to other Asian countries. They have their own flights and service by AirAsia is simply awesome. You can find cheap and convenient flights to Singapore. It is also among most affordable sites online.
  • Malaysia Airlines: Malaysia Airlines have their brand flights to book tickets from Mumbai to Singapore. They have got some of the best flights with super excellent servicing and affordable prices. You can visit at the official site of Malaysia Airlines and find out the flights that are available according to your convenience. Book flights from the site and enjoy ride all the way to Singapore.
  • Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines is a brand by Singapore. They offer their own flights from Mumbai to different Asian countries. People traveling to Singapore prefer these flights as these are from the place they are travelling to. These are highly sophisticated brands that ensure optimum customer satisfaction with their servicing. Just like any other site, you will come across a form at the home page. That form is a gateway to discover flights from Mumbai to Singapore and you can select the one that solve your purpose.
  • Bravofly: Bravofly is another awesome portal to book air tickets online from Mumbai to Singapore. You can discover deals of the day at site that are specially crafted with least prices. For spontaneous bookings, you can simply visit Bravofly because it is the only site that can give you tickets in most affordable prices.

To book flight tickets from Mumbai to Singapore, you can simply refer above mentioned sites.

Top 5 Websites To Buy Winter Wear Online In India

Haven’t you got your winter wear out of the trunks/suitcases yet? It’s getting so cold day by day that you should do it soon. If you already have got your winter wear out and you wish to buy some new winter wear then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will tell you about top 5 websites to buy winter wear online in India. These websites offer up to date and trendy winter wear for all your needs. So check out all of them before making any purchase.

  1. Flipkart- This website can be called the “King of winter wear clothing options.” They have over 54,000 products to offer you that fall under the category of winter wear. Men can find a lot of jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, raincoats, pullovers, windcheaters, sportswear, caps and thermals on the website. Women can choose from various sweatshirts, winter jackets, jackets, sweaters, coats, scarves, raincoats and cardigans. Categories like shirts, tops & tunics have stuff for both genders.
  2. Jabong– This website is also huge as it has over 19000 products for you as a part of the winter wear category. The website has a huge benefit over its competitors as it carries products from nearly 500 brands, which is worth mentioning. They carry renowned brands like Nike, Duke, Mango, Pepe Jeans, etc. Thus, all brand lovers should visit Jabong for their winter shopping today. They are also offering great discounts on over 8600 products.
  3. Koovs– The Winter collection of Koovs shows over 350 results. It’s not limited to clothes only. They are also offering accessories like caps, gloves, watches, shoes, boots, beauty products etc. So those of you, who wish to buy all the latest winter wear stuff at one place, visit Koovs today. They also allow you to decide the length of your sleeves, dress or skirts so you can choose the long ones for winter and protect your body from the cold air.
  4. Faballey- Are you a fan of floral designs and patterns? If yes, then the floral winter collection offered by Faballey should be your next stop. Here you can find a number of floral shirts, maxi dresses, tees, skater dresses, skirt blazers, jumpsuits, bodysuits, etc. Each of them have a unique design and will make women of all shapes and sizes look amazing. They have nearly 300 products in this amazing collection so you can browse until you get to the right pieces.
  5. Stalkbuylove- This website specialises in offering stylish and trendy blazers, trench coats, tees, jackets and tops. Here you can categorize products on the basis of its fit. You can even buy clothes on the basis of the style you wish to promote that varies from simple denim to frills & bows and from sexy sheer to fussy lace and crochets. All the products offered may not come back as they are unique so you should always instantly buy the piece you like before it’s sold out.

Top 5 Places To Buy Consumer Electronics In Singapore

Singapore is an incredible land, not only for tourists and fashionistas but also for tech savvy people. With time, this country has seen phenomenal growth in every sector. Whether it is land stores or the online hub, Singapore has got some of the richest option to offer its visitor and resides. Speaking of the Consumer Electronic products, a mammoth of people fly to Singapore just to buy these goods. The only reason for visiting here is that you can get best brands at most affordable prices.

But, here is an alternative as you no more have to visit Singapore to buy best of the products; you can actually get them delivered. Singaporeans has got quality options in online portals that trade in consumer electronic products. Some of the ideal online portals are:

  1. Lazada: Lazada is not only delivering excellence in Singapore but it is a rapidly growing industry in the richest South Asian countries. Speaking of the consumer electronic products, Lazada has got a mammoth of collection to cater. Under this niche, you can glance through the collection of Audio, Gaming, Gadgets, Video, Television, Accessories, etc. You can also buy selected products considering valuable customer reviews at the site.
  2. Ebay: Indeed, Ebay is among those selective portals in the world that are ruling online market in every country on the globe. It is a trusted brand and people like to shop here due to the fame and security. In consumer electronics section, you can discover high range of products under the niche of Mobile Phones and Accessories, Home Audio Stereos and Components, Gadgets, TV Video, Home Audio and many more. Just browse the exceptional collection at site and make desired purchases.
  3. Value Basket: As its name signifies, it is actually a place where you can find astounding and richest discounts by all brands. Talking about consumer electronics, there is a huge assortment of products to make your selection. They have the eye to look and understand consumer needs and wants. Therefore, you will always find most desired products and discounts at the site. Value basket aims at bringing you easy solution for your routine electronic requirements.
  4. Omigo: For Omigo, all I would like to say is that this online brand has got outstanding variety, meticulous services and exceptional discounts. They have mastered in offering best of the brands and most amazing service to Singaporeans. You can find more than 7000 products in 100+ consumer electronic brands. Visit here for a grand collection in consumer electronic merchandise.
  5. Expansys: Expansys is a seamless online portal that is moving towards enlargement hastily. You can find all kind of consumer electronic products at the site. There are countless ruling brands in the market that proudly list their products on the site. It is a Singapore based portal with extensive range of offerings. Mobile Phones, Accessories, Audio, Video, Gadgets, etc; all these forms the list of categories at the site. For best of the consumer electronic products, you can discover Expansys somewhere at the top position.

Where To Buy Tops For Women

Today, we can observe really trendy and fashionable lifestyle for all women. Tops, tunics and tees are an all time favorite and actually a necessity for girls and women. You can add a variety of collections to your wardrobe by shopping at some of the popular sites. There is a wide array of collections in the following sites that you really would love to buy your tops from.


This site is an Aditya Birla Nuvo initiative which is currently trending for its wonderful fashion collection. Based on the discount, occasion, brand, sizes, colors, fit, sleeves and neck pattern you can land up in the right page with right products for you. You get up to 71% off on most of the brands and buy the clothes at pocket friendly prices. Choosing a combo value deal can be a great advantage while you are shopping on this site.


At FashionandYou, women can indulge in a diversified and magnificent range to tops and tunics. This store also features some exiting deals and discounts almost every day. You get choose from wonderful designs that include the cowl neck tunics, Aztec printed tunics or also the multi-colored asymmetric tunics making it perfect for a casual wear as well as regular desk wear. Match these lovely tops with your favorite pair of chinos and give a great shot of self expression.


Yepme is known for its funky and trendy tops and tees which a majority of the teens love to adorn. You can scroll more than thousands of women’s top with various designs and colors. The best part is you get the tops for all sizes starting from FS to XXXXL which is really not to be observed in other comparable sites. You can choose the tops based on your requirement. You get almost an 80% off on most of these trendy women’s collection.


You will get some of the lovely and chic friendly tops that you would love to wear on for your casual outings. Under the tops and tees section you can check some of the trendiest and eye catching clothes. You get buy your favorite tops from here at great reasonable price and up to 70% off on some of the clothes. Most of the clothes here are not from the high end brands, yet they are great in quality and design. In fact it is really hard to find a similar clothing collection in other competitive sites.


There are eye-catching ranges of short and long tops that are perfect for different occasions. They have floral, striped, lace, crop tops, knitted tops and much more varieties that will surely turn heads wherever you go. You can buy the tops with indo-western looks that can add great glamour to your outlook. It can be parties, casual time with friends or having fun in the campus, you can get it all from this exquisite site.

So go on and dive into these amazing sites with different apparel option for you that makes you feel that the whole store is in front of you. There are some impressive collections which promise to give you a different look every time you head out. So want to get trendier? Then just take a visit to these 5 best sites to buy your tops from.

Top 5 Restaurants In Singapore

Dining these days has become great mean to be social and the finest source of entertainment in every life. It is a compulsory activity in life of every individual. Maybe that is the only reason for extremely lavish and eye pleasing hotels and restaurants are becoming best money making ideas. Whether you are with your beloved or your friends, all wish dining at best of the restaurants. It is finest source of spending time with people you love. Also for all kind of celebrations, no idea can be better than dining at an opulent restaurant.

Singapore has got some of the most astounding chains in awe inspiring hotels and restaurants for dining. If you are a habitant of Singapore, you are no short of options for fine dining. Also for all the visitors of Singapore must visit these bistros for epic taste and mind blowing ambience. Some people like to visit restaurants to relish best ambience and at Singapore, you can find abundant of affluent bistros. Let’s take a look at some of the most eye pleasing and customer accustoming restaurants at Singapore.

  1. Gastrosmiths: Gastrosmiths is a freshly constructed bistro in Singapore. With its amazing food offerings and mesmerizing ambience, it has won over many hearts of Singaporeans. As for cuisines, you can easily find Japanese, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, etc. This restaurant has got very interesting mix of cuisines and baked with love. Get there and relish best taste of delectable meals.
  2. Ding Dong: Ding Dong is originated from one of the priciest chain of restaurants in Singapore called Ryan Clift. At Ding Dong, you can find a fine range of drinks and multi cuisine menu, mostly dedicated to Asian cuisine in affordable price. Every individual can find something or the else as their favorite dish at Ding Dong. It is situated in South Asia region in Singapore and a gift to the community for best taste.
  3. Ronin: If you are looking for most eye pleasing bistro at Singapore with illuminating dim lights and affectionate demeanor of place, Ronin is the right option to pick. You can made any occasion more special at Ronin, relishing their palatable meals and unique demeanor.
  4. Sunday Folks: Sunday Folks is a small bakery and ice cream bistro situated in Singapore. They serve some of the best ice cream and sundaes roofed with scrumptious confectionery. People from varied age groups are fond of this bistro and you will always find this packed to its capacity due to prolific fondness among Singaporean folks. It is my personal favorite place to visit at Singapore.
  5. Izy: Izy is a Japanese pub with provision of playground and stage for performance. It is a small yet trendy dining bistro. It is also quite popular among Singaporeans as the ambience is highly admiring and food is simply lip smacking. The architecture and interior design of the restaurant is quite lavish and gives you profuse amount of job by dining in there.

Top 5 Diapers Brands Available Online In India

Diaper industry is among the most revenue generating industry worldwide. This is because of the fact that it is an indispensible need of every baby and the prices of these products are on a crazy drive of hike. This is the time when online website can come up like a boon to your escape given the fact that these websites have the tendency to cut prices to maximum.

List Of Top Diaper Brands:

The list comprises of all the prime brands in diapers that are ruling the market in most significant way. Here you go:

  • Pampers: Pampers is marketed under the brand name of Proctor and Gamble that commenced their business in year 1961. They are the leading brand that manufactures top quality diapers, training pants and baby wipes.
  • Huggies: Huggies is the brand of Kimberly Clark that was introduced to market in 1978. It is among the leading brands in diapering industry.
  • Fisher Price: It is an American company that has been ruling the market since 1930. They manufacture best quality diapers for your baby.

The list includes countless other options that are bringing a revolutionary change in the diaper market. You can find all these brands in the below mentioned web portals.

Where To Buy Branded Diapers Online In India?

Amazon: There is no king name in diaper industry that is not associated with Amazon and listing their products at the site. Amazon has got a huge section of baby products and diapers. It is one of the trusted brands to buy baby products online in India. There are 50+ brands offering their colossal range of products at the site. Only the safest brands in the market are listed at the site to ensure optimum safety of your baby.

Kinderkart: Kinderkart is also one of the most renowned portals in India that house best of the collection of baby products. Diapers being the prime need are available in bulk quantities. You can find tape diapers, cloth diapers and Pant Style Diapers. The best part of being associated with the site is that you can get invincible discount options and it allows you to make convenient bulk purchase.

Babyoye: Babyoye is not only the hottest selling website for baby products but it is also quite helpful for new mothers. For your assistance, you can buy diapers according to the size by ensuring its right weight for the baby. You can buy diapers and its essentials at the site. Some of the hot selling brands at the site are: Pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko, Libero, Chicco, etc.

Firstcry: To grab the best deal in diaper combos and making your purchase convenient, Firstcry is the site for you. Given their years and years of experience in the industry, it has become quite easy for them to bring you optimum options in discounts and skin safe products. You can select from the range of baby diapers, nappy and cloth diapers for your bundle of joy.